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customs clearance

In contrast to other service providers, we like to share a convenient one-stop service solution with you - this includes customs formalities as well. Customs clearances within Germany or at the main ports are familiar to us.  We like to help you with exports or imports issues. With excperienced partners we are able to perform not only in Germany. Though we are linking the western ports with Europe by fiscal representation e.g.

Customs clearance via ATLAS

  • export declaration (AES)
  • transit sytsems (NCTS)
  • monitoring exports via BHT und ZAPP (paperless port) -  B-/Z- numbers
  • fiscal duties
  • Carnet TIR/NCTS-TIR und ATA
  • registration and handling for free circulation
  • customs software
  • border service
  • Inward processing / Outward processing
  • Temporary storage (summary declaration)
  • Household effects/Inherited property/Diplomatic cargo
  • Clearance of vehicles
  • Carnet TIR/NCTS-TIR and ATA clearance
  • Application for and obtaining of preference documents (EUR1, ATR, e.g.) and movement certificates in Germany

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